Spider-Man kills Venom

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As you probably already know, Spider-Man has a long history with Venom. It is a love-hate relationship, in the comics and with fans alike. It is also hard to follow everything throughout the years, I know. But there is an instance where Spider-Man kills Venom. It all happens (Affiliate Link) in Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows 1.

So is this story canon with the others? Who knows. It is part of that Secret Wars crap, where scraps of multiple universes were combined together. To me it sounds a lot like Crisis on Infinite Earths. In this comic, not only do we get to see the moment where Spider-Man kills Venom but also Mary Jane and Peter Parker with their daughter. Did you know they had one? I mean there was that whole Spider-Girl thing during the late 90s, and then there was that time when The Chameleon aborted their baby. So where this story fits in between everything is anyone’s guess.
Spider-Man daughte
In Renew Your Vows 1, there is a full-scale Ryker’s prison break (how original!) where Venom escapes and gets to harass Peter’s pretty wife and kid. So Spider-Man responds by collapsing a burning building on top of him, thus killing him. Yes, Spider-Man kills Venom, with a capital K. So I guess that settles it. The wall-crawler has no problem killing people. Everyone seems pretty happy about this outcome, as if it is natural to push out a beam and let a building fall on someone.
Mary Jane captured and gagged
If you want to collect this comic, there are literally 15 different variant covers. Three of them are by J Scott Campbell, who is an artist I love, but it seems excessive to me. Adam Kubert pencils this issue. Although his artwork is not particularly original or outstanding, it admirable and I enjoy seeing the work of Joe Kubert’s kin. Leave a comment with your thoughts.