Spawn 112

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Well lookee what we have here! I found Spawn 112 (Affiliate Link) in a comic value pack and boy am I glad I did! Spawn encounters an army of 777 vampires or something, seeking out sinners to taste their blood. Of course, he intervenes and does serious damage.

Spawn 112 opens with the evil army surprising people in New York City. To their dismay, there were no sinners… no doubt something Spawn is responsible for. When a battle is anticipated, Central Park is shut down while the 777 vampires are encountered.

This is where the good stuff happens. Naturally, Spawn performs all sorts of violence, including punching someone’s face in (literally) and swinging an entire tree around to create ultimate destruction.

Near the end of Spawn 112 contains a sentimental September 11th drawing of firefighters putting up an American flag at ground zero. For those of you who are too young to know what that means, there was a year, 2001, where people had an undeserved sense of patriotism. Now that the time has passed, people can see how dumb they were acting. Either way, it dates the comic and shows how long the series has been running for.

If you do not know about Spawn (or or a fan already) you should start by browsing the legacy collection of issues. Spawn 112 is just one of many great issues for this awesome character that people have grown to love.

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