Doomsday Kills Superman

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Once upon a time, an underground monster broke from his bounds within Earth and decided to kill everything within its path. This monster became to be known as Doomsday. Doomsday, being so powerful, basically destroyed the entire Justice League instantly. A job for the Man of Steel? Not quite. Here’s a hint: Doomsday kills Superman. Oops.

Superman encounters Doomsday, and let us just say that things do not go well. In the The Death of Superman (affiliate link) graphic novel, we see page after page of Doomsday beating the tar out of everyone and everything and he can, and Superman is able to do very little to stop it. Conveniently, near the end of the story Superman discovers a weakness which causes him pain. In typical comic book ridiculousness, the two of them kill each other virtually at the same time. So Doomsday kills Superman, and Superman kills Doomsday. Makes sense to me!

What this graphic novel is all about, besides the fact that Doomsday kills Superman, are all the incredible action scenes. There are many large panels and two-page spreads that are worthy of framing. Incredible artwork and incredible story telling equals an incredible novel. I highly recommend you check out (Affiliate Link) this trade paperback which has become a classic for a reason.

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