Superman Red Son

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A friend of mine recommended Superman Red Son, citing it as one of the best graphic novels he had ever read. So naturally I sought out the Superman Red Son comic, which turns out to be on the best-seller list on Amazon. (affiliate link)

What if Superman crash-landed in Russia instead of the United States? That is the premise of the Superman Red Son comic book. During the cold war, it was the United States versus the Soviet Union. A major factor was that the US was practicing socialism and the SU practiced communism. It was this central point that made the two enemies. Eventually the Soviet Union collapsed, suggesting that communism was not the answer. This hypothetical story, however, begs the question: could a communist world succeed as a utopia if run by the right person?

This is what the Superman Red Son comic is all about. Superman uses his powers to read and learn at super-speed. He uses his knowledge and governing skills to succeed the country. Other countries follow suit and convert to communism. He manages to prevent virtually all disasters in the entire world… except for those in the United States, who refuse to give in. They insist mankind must learn from their mistakes without an overlord protecting them with an invisible hand.

When you read the Superman Red Son comic, you will recognize many characters: Braniac, Green Lantern, Lex Luthor and Batman, just to name a few, play the parts with the biggest impact. Perhaps the most interesting character interpretation is that of Batman. An elusive vigilante, Batman comes up with a plan to stop Superman indefinitely. Batman also looks hilarious in his Russian-style winter hat.

Overall, the Superman Red Son comic rocks the casbah. The super-sweet Superman Red Son Deluxe Edition, hardcover, blessed by God, etc is available, if you care enough to try and seek it out. Really though, the paperback is fine, and can easily be found on Amazon (affiliate link) no problem. This is also one of those rare circumstances where it is not worth the trouble to buy it on eBay to try and save a few pennies.