Mary Jane Watson Cuts Out Spider-Man

It might be a surprise to discover that Mary Jane Watson cuts Spider-Man out of her life a couple times. Personally, I think it is about time that she drops that loser Parker and grabs herself a real hero. I understand Superman is not around (and could not handle the Hulk, if you know what I mean… Mary Jane would die by his sperm alone) however I think she could do better. Apparently she agrees with me because she drops him like a sack of potatoes in Ultimate Spider-Man 78.

Ultimate Spider-Man 78 is titled “Dumped”, which is appropriate because someone got their butt dumped I guess. Spider-Man is not even in this issue, which is ridiculous considering his name is on the cover. The issue consists of our main character being a whore after Mary Jane Watson cuts Peter out of her life. Maybe she has cold feet and does not want to make up with her ex, because she kisses some other dude that she does not even like.

Personally, I think Ultimate Spider-man 78 is an ultimate let-down. I am not saying it is a bad issue, I just mean a Spider-Man comic should have Spider-Man in it. It is cute to see Mary Jane Watson cut the fat out of her life, however maybe her standards are too high. I mean, she was dating Spider-Man! Hard to shoot higher than that!

Even with its faults, it is still a cute read with some awesome artwork. This series is great if you need to get your girlfriend started reading comics. You can check the series here. (affiliate link) Or just find it on eBay.

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