Mary Jane Watson Cuts Out Spider-Man

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It might be a surprise to discover that Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker break up. They are such an iconic power couple for the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series. Unfortunately, in issue 77, Peter dumps her sorry butt for not listening to him. She could have gotten injured, or even killed. But she decided to do whatever she felt like, and now she finds herself dumped, which exactly what happens in the following issue.

Ultimate Spider-Man 78 is titled “Dumped”, which is appropriate considering what happened. Spider-Man is not even in this issue, which is ridiculous considering his name is on the cover. Sure, Peter Parker sits in class with her. But Spider-Man is nowhere to be seen. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson must face the challenges of dealing with their recent breakup while still being in the same classes at school.

Personally, I think Ultimate Spider-man 78 is an ultimate let-down. I am not saying it is a bad issue, I just mean a Spider-Man comic should have Spider-Man in it. I’ll say this, the comic is realistic as far as teen relationships go. Before Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker broke up, it seemed like paradise. It always feels that way with young love and first loves. You think you found happiness, just to discover that it is short-lived, and a ticking clock until your heart remains crushed for what feels like an eternity. While sitting in the mall with her friend Liz, MJ knows Liz is talking, but is tuning her out. Her mind is somewhere else. This is what a broken heart feels like, as your soul is shattered and all focus is gone.

Issue 78 also introduces Mark Raxton. He moves in on MJ fast. Of course, he’s in a band, and also tall, dark and handsome. No, seriously, this is the way he’s portrayed. MJ goes to one of his performances, and he offers her a ride home. (And of course he has a car, too. And he’s a senior.) Unbelievably, she falls for it. I guess she didn’t have a problem from jumping from guy to guy. They have a moment in the car, and they kiss.

Even with its faults, it is still a cute read with some awesome artwork. Although the artist does a lot of close-ups of faces, a great way to hide the fact that you can’t draw much else. All you need is a mirror, and anyone can practice drawing faces until they are an expert. This series is great if you need to get your girlfriend started reading comics. Grab it now (Affiliate Link) and start your journey into lost loves, broken hearts and Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker breaking up.