Powergirl and Superman

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Power Girl and Superman Battle the villain Maaldor The Dark Lord in a comic I had recently picked up. The story, which I consider an early Power Girl comic, takes place in DC Comics Presents 56 from April of 1983. The title is “Death in a Dark Dimension” and worth reading cover to cover.

The plot is that Power Girl and Superman are kidnapped from different dimensions for the amusement of Maaldor. The problem is that he is significantly stronger than the both of them, creating a true challenge. Power Girl is defeated to the brink of death. Superman is so outraged that he opens a can of whoop-ass on Maaldor to teach him a lesson. The emotional intensity makes this a truly phenomenal story.

This comic, being from 1983, is when DC’s Power Girl had an outfit that was not totally sexist at the time. Unlike her current outfit which you commonly see illustrated by such artists as Adam Hughes or Amanda Connor, there is no cut-out to expose her cleavage. Do not get me wrong, super cleavage could be a great asset to any crime-fighter, however the eye-rolling it creates tends to distract from the storyline. On the same topic, Power Girl’s bust, cup size, bra size, however you want to phrase it, is noticeably more in proportion to her body.

Power Girl is hot, but Power girl and Superman working together is even hotter. Just seeing the two of them plummet Maaldor into oblivion creates enough excitement to get me through the day. DC Comics Presents 56 is bronze age glory (Affiliate Link) with its wonderful newsprint pages that you never see anymore. If you enjoy seeing Power Girl and Superman punching people in the spleen, add it to your collection and give it the reading it deserves.