Fantastic Four 555

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And you that you were having a bad day.

Recently I had come across Fantastic Four 555, the third series, published in 2008. It makes us question: what if the world was doomed? What would we do?

Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) is recruited to join a team of super-scientists in a quest to create a duplicate of the entire planet. Seriously. It is too late to save planet earth so a new one must be made. In the process, liberties are taken. Steps are taken to assure illnesses could be healed and that the world economy will be stable.

There is one more twist: Reed will be working with his college lover Alyssa Moy.

The issue ends with a super villain plummeting heart-throb Johnny Storm (Human Torch) into a building, then makes out with him as he is too limp to move. If this were the other way around, the R word would be insinuated. And by R word, I mean “rape”.

Written by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, Fantastic Four 555 is just a few issues shy (Affiliate Link) of being the end of the series. It is hard to believe the series had gone as far as it had. The artwork is so good that for a moment it seems as if the panels had been traced. As an avid fan of Fantastic Four, this is one of those stories that made this series worth reading. Check it out.