Moonwalker comic book

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If you are a hardcore fan of the Michael Jackson Moonwalker movie, then you should know that there was a Moonwalker comic book based on it. Not only that, but the story is told in 3D!

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The Moonwalker comic tells only the chapter of the movie where Michael Jackson befriends homeless children, is chased by Joe Pesci and convinces 1930s gangsters to dance with him in a nightclub. Perhaps that is a naive way of looking at the story, but that is the essence of it. It is a faithful adaptation, written seemingly word-for-word. For those of you who had seen the movie, no doubt the best part is the Smooth Criminal dance sequence. In the comic, the ten-minute scene is condensed into a two-page spread of images mashed together. When we turn the page, it jumps to MJ shooting the tommy gun in the air, which is almost totally out of context.

If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, you surely remember the red and blue lenses on paper glasses that, when used in conjunction with books with specially arranged red and blue ink, would made images appear to pop out of the page. Well the Moonwalker comic is like that, being in 3D. I must say that whoever had done it had done a fantastic job.

This Moonwalker comic book is rare, due to its history. Lack of sales caused the publisher, Blackthorne Publishing, to crash and burn. This means that checking an auction site would be your best bet to find it. If that fails, you could also try (Affiliate Link).

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