Spawn 10

We all love McFarlane for his run on Spider-Man, but most remember him from his work at Image Comics. The focus of this article is Spawn 10, a bizarre issue that explores comic creators and their work. This issue is a fan favorite for some, yet strangely is not very collectable. You can find it in dollar bins, possible due to its minor significance in the Spawn storyline.

This is a weird issue. It sort of crosses over with the real world. While in hell (level seven apparently) there are a line of hooded men weeping. Across from them are superheroes trapped in a cell screaming. They offer their powers to Spawn who tries to use them to save everyone, but he fails. The violator appears dressed as Lady Justice except the dress is made of money, and the scale as money on one end and a black heart on the other.

Obviously this issue is a personal statement about comic creators, their creations and money. Someone had their butt-hole hurt, it seems.

What I am curious about is how this issue is able to reference comic book characters from Marvel and DC Comics. In particular, Spawn 10 has Superman in the shadows, where he says that his planet exploded and came to Earth as an infant. I suppose it is because his name is never spoken, nor do we see the symbol on his chest or anything else too identifiable. It is still curious though.

Something that bothers me in this issue (and others) is that it is padded with fan mail, artwork and advertisements. It is only three page turns after the center staple that we realize the it is the end of Spawn 10. After that, we get some paragraphs previewing upcoming Image comics. This is weird issue for sure, but be sure to read it (Affiliate Link) and see for yourself what all the controversy is about.