Batman breaks his leg

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There is nothing else I love more than hearing about Batman getting hurt. In this case, Batman breaks his leg. And I don’t mean the metaphor “break a leg”. I mean his dumb ass stepped into a bear trap and it snapped like a skinny kid’s spine.

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 167 has an interesting plot going on. A blind man is able to see through the eyes of other people. This comes in handy for some bad people. For example, if the blind man were to be kidnapped and attempted rescue from Batman, it could lead to a trap. Like stepping into a bear trap kind of trap. So yeah, Batman breaks his leg because of a blind man.

Even with one broken leg, he kicks ass. This is remarkable. But we are talking about Batman, after all. So when someone tries to take advantage and beat the crap out of him, it did not turn out so well. Perhaps he should have used the gun being held in his hand. But I guess that would have made too much sense? I mean Batman breaks his leg,and he still could not manage to kill him? Remarkable!

The story is “Don’t Blink” (part 4) and was penciled by Val Semeiks in 2003. It was one of two Batman stories that he had illustrated. He is most known for his long run on the comic Lobo. Personally I find his style strange looking. I suppose it was fitting for Lobo, but seems odd when applied to Batman.
Batman with a broken leg
If you are interested in the story, I would read the trade paperback (Affiliate Link). I think it is interesting how virtually every story arc has a trade paperback, whether it is a good story or not. If it is one of your favorites, be sure to pick it up.