Wrath and Batman fight

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At some point you may have wondered who may be Batman’s match in terms of fighting ability and mental discipline.The answer may be The Wrath. Born on the same day and lives changed forever on the same night, the Wrath and Batman may be equals.

When I first pondered this question of who may be the dark knight’s match, the first instinct was to say the Joker because he is always outwitting him (and they need each other, as seen in The Dark Knight Returns) . But since reading Batman Special 1 from 1984, it is clear that Wrath and Batman compliment each other. They both have similar origins, being children who witnessed their parents killed at night time. The difference though is that the Wrath had criminal parents, and Commissioner Gordon (back when he was just a beat cop) shot and killed them during a break-in. So it is easy to see how that child would grow up to aspire to get revenge for what happened to his parents.

What is pretty awesome is that they are also matched in fighting ability. As Batman has unparalleled fighting ability with most other enemies, it was crazy to see him, literally, fighting his match. The Wrath and Batman go at it like two squirrels fighting over the last nut on Earth. It is also comical watching Batman get his ass kicked and not understand why. For some reason, super heroes seem to think that problems can only be solved with their fists. When out witted, they don’t know what to do.
Wrath stabs Batman
Of course Batman wins in the end. I’d say “spoiler alert” but I’m sure you already knew that was going to happen. This was not the only appearance of The Wrath in Comics history, but still stands on its feet as the most interesting. Be sure to pick up (Affiliate Link) Batman Special issue 1 to check it out.