Sin City Dwight McCarthy

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The film directed by Robert Rodriguez became Sin City, divided into multiple stories written by Frank Miller and based on his graphic novel series. I was able to dig up one of the issues of Sin City The Big Fat Kill from the basement of a thrift shop. I thought this might be a good opportunity to talk about the cast and drum up some discussion.

Miho Played By Devon Aoki

Sin City Cast Miho

When I saw Sin City at a theater in 2005, I instantly recognized Devon Aoki from seeing her in that awful sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious. In that film she was barely 21 at the time and had not quite developed into her body, in my opinion. But after seeing her as part of the Sin City Big Fat Kill cast, her adorable silent Miho portrayl made her hard to forget.

Miho was one of the most memorable characters in Sin City. She had an alluring beauty, a mysterious aura, and a great fighting style. She was able to take on many of the criminals in Sin City with ease. Her fighting style was brutal and effective. Devon Aoki also brought a great physical presence to the role. She was able to bring a lot of intensity and power to the role that made her character stand out.

Becky Played By Alexis Bledel

Sin City Becky Alexis Bledel

The prostitute that screwed over Old Town (no pun intended) was cast to Alexis Bledel, probably solely based on her recognition from being on the show Gilmore Girls at the time. Even so, her teenage-appearance fit the part well just as much as her naive attitude. It also did not hurt that she is a cutie pie that comes off as sweet and charming as well.

Gail Played By Rosario Dawson

Sin City Big Fat Kill Cast Gail

Rosario Dawson was the perfect fit as the leader of Old Town. She comes off as stunning yet dirty at the same time. Unfortunately whenever I see her now, I cannot help but to think of her in Clerks 2 talking about getting ketchup in her woman parts. Still, being part of the Sin City Big Fat Kill cast solidified her career strong enough to land her important roles time and time again.

Clive Owen Played By Dwight McCarthy

I never heard of this guy before seeing him as part of the Big Fat Kill cast. Later I would see him in Children of Men but that is about it. Also I had seen him years later in that movie Closer, but to me he just looks too generic. He also does not come off as very tough. He looks nothing like his comic counter-part.

Jackie-Boy Played By Benicio Del Toro

Sin City Jackie Boy

Another person I recognized subconsciously from the artsy movie Traffic but otherwise know or care nothing about. But at least he was not terribly miscast like some of the other characters in Sin City. Like Elijah Wood. What a dork. Wood has always been cast as the cowardly character in past films like The Faculty and Lord of the Rings. Why the hell was he chosen as Kevin?

Other actors include Brittany Murphy as Shellie, who I do not have a picture of but was remembered for her voice in King of the Hill, the movie 8 Mile and countless other parts. I am sure there were others, but who cares? It is not like anyone is reading this.