Joker and Harley Quinn sexy Mad Love

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The 1994 Eisner-Award winning graphic novel Mad Love centered around the Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship from its origins at Arkham Asylum. Written by Paul Dini, it takes place in the Batman The Animated Series world we all know and love. The story of Mad Love became so popular that it was recreated for the series The New Batman Adventures.

We all love Joker’s girlfriend who teams up with her “puddin”, but not until Mad Love do we get to see the details of Dr Harleen Quinzel and how she transformed into the sexy Harley Quinn that tries to seduce the Joker. Beside learning Harley Quinn’s real name, we also get to see her inside see-through lingerie while dreaming of making babies with the prince of crime.

The story is not only easy to understand and well illustrated but is entertaining for all ages, and that is no easy feat. Because I was never thrilled with the Batman the Animated Series style of artwork (you know, with the sharp edges and square jaws and stuff) I never would have read Mad Love if it were not for its tremendous popularity. This is no small testament.
Dr Harleen Quinzel origin
Joker and Harley Quinn have a shaky relationship in Mad Love, causing Harley to recall her origin and decides to try and catch Batman by herself to prove herself capable. She succeeds, but to her dismay The Joker is disappointed at the thought that his girlfriend would succeed in where he failed.

Although the brilliant and entertaining story naturally helped the success of this classic story, but that would have been meaningless without the friction of Joker and Harley Quinn. The pair has historically made the best stories within the animated series’. If you are able to find the graphic novel, you would be wise to read it from cover to cover.