Robin and Zatanna from Young Justice

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Later down the road we know that Nightwing (formerly Robin) most certainly banged Zatanna due to the implication that he was her ex, solidified with a kiss made in front of everyone. However in the animated show Young Justice we get to see Zatanna’s first impression and experience with the team of teenage heroes. Due to his immediate interest, it was obvious that Robin and Zatanna were bound to have a relationship. (Don’t believe me? Check out Season 2, episode 7 titled “Depths” for the implication near the end of the episode.)

As soon as she appeared in the cave (in episode 15 of season 1), escorted by her father Zatara, Robin runs over and asks if she is joining the team. This was the first sign that he was interested in her. She appears in a typical proper school outfit, complete with dress shirt and skirt. She appeared a little shy or nervous, but not at the level of being uncomfortable that Miss Martian did when she first joined the team. She adapts quickly, and we see that she uses magical words to change her outfit. The team agrees that she is a good fit when she decides to not tell on them when they decide to go on an unauthorized trip.

Zatanna and Robin

Things get more interesting later between Robin and Zatanna when the boy wonder decides to make a pass. At first he apologizes out of respect. Zatanna, surprisingly, by saying that she doesn’t mind. This meant that she was signaling attraction to Robin. Zatara tragically gets trapped with the responsibly of Doctor Fate, emotionally impacting his daughter.

There is a good reason to watch the first season (affiliate link) all the way through. In the final episode of season 1, the new year turns and all of the teenage romances emerge at once. Superboy and Miss Martian kiss, along with everyone else. Zatanna grabs Robin and takes the initiative to give him a big wet one on the mouth. Seeing Robin and Zatanna kiss, along with everyone else, encompassed the first season of Young Justice and created a satisfying transition into season two.

Robin and Zatanna Kiss

It demonstrated the strength of the relationships between the characters, the complex dynamics of their relationships, and the power of their love. The fact that they were all kissing each other symbolized their hopes and dreams for the future, as well as the newness of the upcoming year. Overall, it was a powerful moment that defined the show’s continuity and made season one memorable.

It is a reminder of the teenage emotions and romances that come with that age, even if they’re superheroes. It was a powerful moment where everyone was exposed and vulnerable, and it highlighted the trust and relationships that had been built up to that point. The kissing also formed a strong foundation for the relationships that would be developed even further in season two and beyond.