Superboy and Miss Martian Kiss

Starting from the second episode of Young Justice (an animated show similar to Teen Titans) we discover Miss Martian as the shy cousin of Martian Manhunter. Pretty quickly she is complimenting Superboy, a clone of Superman who refuses to wear tights but would rather wear a tight t-shirt, a look that Miss Martian admires in episode 4. By episode 8, she gets to see him up close while cleaning his messy shirt. Their relationship buds quickly and she gets the affection of the boy that all the other girls of the show admire.

In the eleventh episode of season one, Superboy and Miss Martian kiss for the first time. However, we are robbed from this first kiss, since they are both in disguise. It isn’t until the following episode do we see them kissing again in secret. Eventually the entire league figures out about their relationship and the last to know is Kid Flash. He is told the bad news on his birthday, a tragedy since his birthday wish was to get a kiss from Miss Martian.

Later in the season, we learn that Miss Martian decided to take the persona of a television character from a show called “Hello Megan”. We learn that she did this because she thought that Superboy may reject her if he knew how she looked in her natural form. It turns out that he was aware of her natural form all along and did not have a problem with it. In the final episode of the first season, we see them kiss openly to celebrate the new year, along with others doing the same like Robin and Zatanna.

In Season 2, also known as “Invasion” reveals in the first episode that Miss Martian is now dating a character called Lagoon Boy. Superboy has an angry expression on his face while passing the two of them kissing. At this point, all the characters from the previous season have aged considerably and could be considered young adults. We find out later that Superboy broke up with Miss Martian because not only was she manipulating the minds of others, but was manipulating his as well. She tried to manipulate Superboy’s mind so that he would not be upset and so they would stay together. However he knows her so well that he was able to sense her in his mind.

Superboy proposes to Miss Martian

In the first episode of Season 3, Superboy gets on one knee and proposes to Miss Martian with a diamond ring in the shape of the Superman symbol. We can see that they have been living together and are ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

What is bizarre about this whole thing is that Miss Martian is not a human, or even naturally resembles a human girl with appropriate body parts and feelings. However, a teenage girl being attracted to the strongest teenage boy on the entire planet seems incredibly accurate. Women prefer the best of the best, and this is demonstrated by how she brushes off Kid Flash in the first season, despite him being more than suitable. Plus Superboy is the typical bad-boy type, the kind who acts as if he doesn’t care about anything and has harbored feelings, something that women seem to like. Pick this series up, even if just for the nostalgia factor from watching this show as a child.