Robert De Niro glasses in Casino

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The movie Casino directed by Martin Scorsese is one of his best ganster movies from top to bottom. Although it has many popular actors like Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone, I would really like to focus on Robert De Niro’s Sunglasses specifically.

Casino is one of my favorite movies and it’s hard to ignore how sharply everyone is dressed. I mean a place like Las Vegas is going to be flashy all around. So it should be no surprise when we see how awesome Robert De Niro’s sunglasses are. They have a big frame to match his massive ego and personality. Although it may be more popular in currents times for women to wear frames with large dark lenses like this, it meant a bold statement for men during the 80s and 90s. Joseph Simmons (“Run”) from the hip-hop group Run-DMC helped make these frames popular as well.

The frame is Ultra Goliath II with red tinted lenses, which will cost you a few hundred dollars if you want a pair. There are two places in Casino where we can see these sunglasses best. One is at the end, right before the credits. The other is at about one hour and 53 minutes in. We get a good shot of Robert Di Nero’s sunglasses as he stands outside in the middle of the desert. The sun blazing down makes for a sound reason for wearing them. Although, frankly, the heat from the sun would have melted the acetate plastic frames in real life he was standing out there for a while. You can find them on eBay.

There are many other places where you can see the Ultra Goliath II frames as well. You can see Elliott Gould in Ocean’s 13 wearing them. The glasses might be good, but those Ocean movies are a piece of crap. (I mean even the first one was a crummy remake of a classic.) What is interesting is that George Romeo has seemed to be particularly keen about the glasses as well, as often seen wearing them. The frames though go back to at least 1977 and come from the company Ultra Palm.

In addition we can see our anti-hero wearing Carrera 5425 at around 11 minutes into the movie. These frames in my opinion are a lot more attractive and much more affordable.

Too expensive? There are always Chinese knockoffs. God bless these people for making unreasonably expensive items suddenly affordable. There are companies like Warby Parker that offer frames, lenses and shipping for under a hundred dollars. Their frames look very similar to other commercial and popular brands.

So yeah. Combining Robert De Niro, Ultra Goliath II frames and a Martin Scorsese directed film and you have all-around gold. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment.