Stan Lee X-Men Pizza Hut

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If you were a 90s child, you may have grew up watching the FOX television show X-Men. It was animated the old fashion way with painted cells. This is unheard of nowadays, where everything is done on the computer. Despite occasional crappy animation and drawing errors, the show was popular and pretty entertaining.

So what X-Men does all this have to do with X-men’s co-creator Stan Lee? Well apparently, Stan Lee hooked up with Pizza Hut in a promotional stunt to sell VHS tape episodes of the animated series. I discovered this reading this on the back of an issue of Fantastic Four. So off to eBay I went and discovered that not only does Stan Lee make an appearance, but so does Fabian Nicieza (X-Men writer) Bob Harris (group editor for X-Men) and Scott Lobdell (another X-Men writer for Uncanny X-Men and Generation X).

So what actually is Stan Lee’s episode of choice? the heck if I know. The two video cassette tapes are literally the first two episodes of the X-Men animated series. So the advertising was a lie. Both tapes have a brief introduction with the X-Men crew previously mentioned, along with a trading card, mini comic book and mini poster.Despite not knowing for sure which was his episode of choice (unless it was the first or second episode) it must have been awesome as a kid to not only get a slice of pizza but also a tape of the X-Men. The animated series had the new outfits that Jim Lee came up with back in the day. Even though his drawings were kind of janky back then, X-Men issue 1 was the highest selling comic book of all time. This is because the comic had like 5 different covers and was a scheme to sell more copies. Some attribute this as an example to why the comic book market crashed in the late 90s. Which is ironic because the multiple-covers ploy is still being done. But this is a story for another day.

What are your thoughts about Stan Lee’s X-Men episode of choice? Did you love the animated series like I did? Leave a comment below.