Lex Luther and Lois Lane kiss

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However unlikely this may seem, it is true. At least it is if you consider animated movies to be canon to the comic book characters. Lex Luthor is a sneaky and slick son of a bitch who will take advantage of any situation. Ironically Lois Lane is the same way. So it is no surprise when we see Lex Luthor and Lois Lane kiss and embrace each other within their arms. But as always, there is more to this story.

This takes place in a DC animated movie called Superman: Doomsday. If you are a fan of comic books, this story is going to confuse you. That is because this movie is completely different than the graphic novel where Doomsday kills Superman. The only thing the same is that a character named Doomsday fights Superman. He doesn’t even actually kill him like in the comic book version.

Lex Luthor seduces Lois Lane

In the movie Superman: Doomsday Luthor decides to clone Superman after having access to his “dead” body. (In the comics, Luthor cloned Supergirl instead. Creepy but interesting.) Due to apparent differences in the way Superman was acting, Lane decides to investigate. She does what she does best and decides to manipulate Luthor. This seems to work out when he realizes that Lois and Superman were banging each other (this is a safe assumption since we see Lois in the Fortress of Solitude wearing a towel after apparently just taken a shower. And we all know what that means.) He decided to take advantage of the situation and take Superman’s place as the “big and strong” man that Lois needs to, um, fill her void with. He puts his hand on her leg while she is wearing a short skirt and makes his move. Lex Luthor and Lois Lane kiss while creating a twisted vision of two rebels about to consummate.

Luther's hand on Lois' leg

It turns out though that Lois was merely manipulating Lex so that he could investigate his home and get to the bottom of Superman’s mysterious change in character. She stabs him in the back of the neck with what I assume was some sort of sedative. The movie continues to show his evil plan. But you wouldn’t like me to ruin the movie for you… right?

As mentioned before, the movie Superman: Doomsday is a very different than the comic book story encompassed in The Death of Superman. I point this out because I assumed this movie was adapted from the graphic novel (Affiliate Link). Perhaps it started out this way but strayed off its path. Whatever.

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