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Let me tell you about the best Dark Horse comic series I have ever read. It is called Rex Mundi. If you are a fan of the Indiana Jones films, the striking similarities will make you fall in love with the Rex Mundi comic instantly.

I will be talking about volume 2. Rex Mundi tells the story of a man named Julien Sauntiere, a physician who had begun a quest to seek the holy grail. As eluded to, the Rex Mundi comic has striking similarities to the third In Indiana Jones film, The Last Crusade. It even takes place during the 30s with the presence of Nazis.

The twist, however, is the existence of sorcery. There are vampires, as well. So take an adventure story, add some Nazis and vampires, and you get one damn fine comic book. Of course, there is much more as well, such as conspiracies gone amok. I could give more of the story away, but you would hate me forever for doing so. You will know what I mean when you read it.

The art and coloring is absolutely stunning, with some fantastic work by Juan Ferreyra. Dark Horse has not always been my cup of tea; however in this case, they have given me new faith as a respected publisher. Make time to read the Rex Mundi Omnibus.

If you had read Rex Mundi, give me your thoughts below.

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