Bite Club Comic

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If you are a fan of Rachel Caine‘s (affiliate link) Bite Club book, then you might be interested to know that there is a completely unrelated comic book as well. Similar by name only, the Bite Club comic is typical of many stories, except for one detail: many characters are vampires.

What is unusual about Bite Club is that the story does not focus on the characters being vampires much at all, and instead focuses on relationships, crime and storytelling. There are also metaphors galore. Take Bite Club issue 5 for example. In the story, a girl doesn’t want a guy’s love, but instead just wanted “the bite”.

The drawings are somewhat simple, yet still gives the Bite Club comic its own sense of style. Another contributing attribute is the coloring. Rather than be colored the way you would expect, all pages are simply tinted a certain color to distinguish the different story lines from one another. For example, one page may be blue, another red, and another green. As bizarre as it sounds, it works well.

Created by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman, Bite Club spans from murder mysteries to teenage romance. Bite Club is from Vertigo comics, so it contains mature content such as nudity. It is a real pleasure to read. Be sure to check it out.