Punisher fights Captain America

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It is always interesting when the Punisher fights Captain America. They are both war veterans, and both believe in justice. However they work in two sides of the law and this separates them. You can see this in Civil War when they confronted each other. Punisher (Frank Castle) did not even fight back as Captain America hit him with his knee and shield.

In this series (Affiliate Link) of The Punisher issue 17, things go differently. After escaping from prison, Punisher fights Captain America after being attacked from the sky. The context in this story is different, as Cap is accused of being a patriotic symbol while Punisher sees himself as an experienced war veteran. As usual Castle is no match against his opponent’s advanced capabilities but still manages to use his wits to escape.

Punisher vs Captain America

What I feel is the most interesting part of this story (written by Nathan Edmondson) is that Captain America is flying. Traditionally this character is known for being powerful with just his fists and unbreakable shield. But now we see him soaring like a bird, and attacking from above. Why is this, you wonder? Because it is actually the character formerly known as Falcon, also known as Sam Wilson. He took over after the Cap we all know and love, Steve Rogers, retired. Confused? Welcome to the horrible world of comic books.

So yes Punisher fights Captain America, but not the real one. At least not to me, because Steve Rogers was such a badass hero that he allegedly killed Hitler. So how is a super-soldier war hero supposed to compare to The Falcon, who can telepathically communicate with birds? it should be no surprise that The Punisher outsmarted him.

So do you like it when  The Punisher fights Captain America? It is such an entertaining concept, two soldiers fighting for what they believe to be best. And yet they feel that each other is completely wrong. Leave a comment with your opinion.