Captain America killed Hitler

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We all know that good old Cap hit the leader of the German army with a right cross to the jaw from his iconic first appearance, but did you know that Captain America killed Hitler? Me neither. But it is apparently true, or at least true to Marvel’s consistent use of nonsensical continuity.

To find this particular issue can be challenging when it is called something like Dark Reign The List Avengers (Affiliate Link). Long story short, Hawkeye teases the idea that if someone would have had the opportunity to kill Hitler, they would probably have done it. Then Captain America claims that he did it. For real, as if he were the one to actually do it.
Avengers discuss killing Hitler
The problem is that the original Human Torch killed Hitler in Young Men 24 in December, 1953. He threatened to blow the place up, so Human Torch turned him into barbecued ribs. But at the end of the day, these are just made-up stories that do not really matter. To take any of this seriously is kind of dumb. So hopefully no one out there is that hard-core about continuity.

So is it true that Captain America killed Hitler? I would say that it is as true as saying that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree. It is just a fun little story with no truth or meaning, but good for laughs.

The page where Captain America admits to doing this is yet another one of those pages where copy-and-paste was used in nearly every panel, pushing us forward farther into an era of increasing laziness and artistic despair. Even the minimal backgrounds with occasional gradients speak loud and clear that being a comic book artist has become something to be embarrassed about, just like Stan Lee has said in the past. Leave a comment with your opinion.