Kitty Pryde Operates on Hulk

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Judging by the cover of Hulk 9 from 2015, you would think the plot would have been Kitty Pryde vs Hulk. It shows her with her hand through his head. But in typical comic book cover tradition, it was a complete lie. The plot is more about Kitty Pryde doing impromptu brain surgery on The Hulk.

From what it seems, the Omega Hulk Doc Green asks Kitty Pryde to remove a brain tumor from his head. He requests this from her quite suddenly and unexpectedly. She does this anyway despite the suspicious nature. The results were less than desired, as the hulk gets a brain hemorrhage (bleeding) and seemingly dies. However, even a head filled with blood cannot stop the incredible Hulk. He wraps things up and teleports out of there. Yes, teleports. This is not your typical idiot Hulk, but Doc Green, a new hyper-intelligent version of the Hulk.

So why would Hulk ask Kitty Pryde? For those who do not know, the Marvel character Kitty Pryde is a member of the X-Men. She is a mutant that can move through solid objects such as concrete walls. So it would seem reasonable that she may be able to remove a tumor from his brain. The she did this reminded me of The Matrix Reloaded. In the movie, Neo helps Trinity by simply passing his hand through her body and removing a bullet. This is exactly how Kitty operates on The Hulk.
Hulk Kills Captain America
The story is in the second series (Affiliate Link) of the Hulk. But what is more interesting is when The Hulk fantasizes about killing The Avengers. There is a pretty graphic image of Captain America’s shield penetrating his body. So yeah, apparently there is a panel where Hulk killed Captain America. These scenes, frankly, are more interesting than the story.

What do you think of all this? A little crazy right?