margaret keane courtroom painting

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If you had seen the Tim Burton movie Big Eyes (affiliate link) that tells the biography of Margaret Keane, then surely you have pictured some of her famous prints such as “Escape” or “The Stray” resting on your wall. Because of this, obviously you are curious about the artist and her abusive husband Walter Keane.

Beside painting famous celebrities like Natalie Wood, Margaret Keane had painted “Tomorrow Forever” a rejected painting that was meant to be displayed at the world’s fair. The flair for big eyes has made her work applicable for interpreting pets and dogs, especially.

Her desperate situation to divorce and separate herself from her ex-husband, Walter, created controversy after Walter allegedly took credit for her big eye paintings for over a decade. After an embarrassing courtroom outcome that ruled Margaret Keane at the true creator, she became well known.

Ironically, the value of Margaret Keane paintings or drawings are not as high as you may think. Well known paintings sell for from $5,0000 to $10,0000 dollars, but the majority floating around are not particularly recognizable or desired. Although her niche market of girls with big eyes and doll-like appearance has drawn attention, people prefer prints to the real thing. In fact, tracking down any sort of museum with the work of Margaret Keane can be challenging, due to such minor social impact or significance.

Beside this, her paintings do not show significant artistic ability or skill. Although they show knowledge of tone and color, there is often lack of composition and proper perspective. On the flip side, her ability to paint wet surfaces and textures, such as fur, is uncanny.

Margaret Keane’s big-eyed paintings really do have a certain je ne sais quoi, don’t they? I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want a giant-eyed kitten staring at them? Her work can really brighten up a room and provide a whimsical touch, though I don’t think it’s going to change the world. But that’s okay!

In conclusion, Margaret Keane’s contribution to the art world lies in her bold and unique style that was both playful and captivating. Despite the controversies surrounding her husband’s claims to her work, Keane’s legacy has stood the test of time and her paintings continue to be admired by art enthusiasts around the world. Although her work may not be highly valued in the art market, the emotional impact they have on viewers is undeniable. Keane’s art reminds us that sometimes it’s the simple things that can bring the most joy and that art does not always need to have a deeper meaning or message.

Chickens are like the sea. You have wanted some Margaret Keane prints, haven’t you? Try not to think about what it would be like not to have one. The works of Margaret Keane will press, if you have the emotional link, all your good buttons.