Justice League vs Teen Titans

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Pretend you are on a game show and are asked what DC Comics does best. What would you say? Well if I were there next to you, I would whisper the answer in your ear: release straight-to-video animated movies to coincide with upcoming movies for theaters. This was the obvious intention of Justice League vs Teen Titans. Published the same year as Batman vs Superman (which was also an apparent set up for the Justice League film) this 2016 animated movie offers a taste of the New-52 style DC characters from a unique perspective.

The plot brilliantly sets up the Teen Titans to be introduced to a new generation of fans. Damian Wayne (Batman’s son and sidekick Robin) is sent to meet and interact with the Teen Titans as retribution for not following commands. We meet Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and others. We mostly get familiar with the background of Raven, who apparently has a Satan-like character for a father. This comes into play later when demon-like spirits start possessing bodies.
Flash punching Robin in face
It is not until more than half way through the movie do we get to actually experience Justice League vs Teen Titans. As you may have predicted, the entire Justice League becomes possessed. Except for Batman of course, who is always too smart to let anything bad happen to him. Meanwhile we get an entertaining image of Flash punching Robin square in the face. I replayed this portion many times and is absolutely hilarious.

I will admit that there were also some uncomfortable moments. As you may already know, Starfire and Nightwing have a history of a sexual relationship. This is only implied in this movie, and there is nothing explicit, except for one odd scene. The two of them are video chatting while Starfire is in a robe, as if she just got out of the shower. She reaches for a hair brush, bending forward toward her computer. Her breasts nearly pop out and Nightwing takes a nice glance. The sexiness breaks the theme for an otherwise PG style cartoon movie.
There is also a strange and awkward scene where the Titans go to a fair or something. For some reason, there is a Dance-Dance-Revolution type game prominently displayed outside. Robin and Beast Boy engage in a distracting and unnecessary competition.

Basically all of the major DC Superheroes are in this movie, so if you are a fan of any (or all!) of them, watch this movie for sure. If you saw it already, what did you think? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.