Stranger Things cast

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Somewhere in the cesspool of poo called Netflix, there are a few golden gems you would not expect. One of them is a show that surprised us. Among the character names we all love are the Stranger Things cast members that we would like to know more about.

The one everyone wonders about first is the character Eleven. (You probably never before heard of the actress Millie Bobby Brown, because she was in nothing of significance.) A show called Intruders was so bad that it never reached a season 2. In the first season of Stranger Things, we see her with a shaved head and a medical gown, indistinguishable as a girl or a boy. This is bizarre because Mike seemed to be infatuated with her, and she was never very good looking to start with. This never seemed to stop her or her horrible acting as being part of a sexualized character is several scenarios.

Mike and Eleven kiss

Mike and Eleven. I love coming-of-age stories, which is why I love the cast and how they made us all feel young again. So naturally we were anxious to see Mike and Eleven kiss for the first time. It was inevitable. Mike Wheeler, played by Mike Wolfhard (bad-ass last name I have to admit) makes a smart decision by waiting until El grows her hair long as to avoid kissing someone who looks like a dude. Mike definitely inherited the good looks in the family since Mike’s mom (played by Winona Ryder) is smoking hot, even at age 45 when we saw the Stranger Things cast member for the first time. But seeing Mike and Eleven lock lips in season 2 gave us all the reason to keep watching this series.

Eleven and Harper

Eleven and Hopper. Before season 3 when they decided to make Jim Hopper a whipped baby, he was the tough guy holding the town together. His only reliable sidekick was Eleven, since she could flip a van with her mind. And of course, Hopper presented himself like a father figure. So this is a rather nice sentiment that ties the series together. It is rather nice to see a strong male character who is ironically trying to protect a little girl with super-powers. Plus, Hopper is apparently a big old sexy teddy bear. There was an episode where Hopper goes to the library, and we discover that he slept with the librarian and never called her back.

Max and Eleven Mall Shopping

Eleven and Max. It was hard not to get excited after seeing Max Mayfield for the first time. A tomboy love interest for the group was a game changer and created competition for Eleven. This female Bart Simpson-like character riding a skateboard is played by Sadie Sink, a red-haired cutie from the show American Odyssey. Even her real name is cute. After Max provides horrible advice to Eleven causing her to break up with her boyfriend, the two become sidekicks and go shopping together in season 3. This popular scene in the mall has more product placements than The Wizard had Nintendo games. We see her try on all sorts of stuff like a romper, dresses and shirts. Her crazy outfits made it easy for anyone to make a cosplay costume of her for use at a comic convention. It is a pity that nobody recognizes all of the obscure crap at these conventions and wearing a special outfit just makes you stick out as a low-level worthless nerd loser.

Max and Billy

Max and Billy. Of course every straight, warm-blooded female fan of the show wants to know who plays Max’s brother. The lifeguard fantasy of many, Billy is played by Dacre Montgomery. You may have recognized him as the red ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers movie. Billy plays the perfect jerk rebel that women seem to love. Despite him treating everyone like garbage and nearly running over Max’s friends, he get a gig as a lifeguard where every woman there ogles him. When Max and Billy are first introduced together, we see that there was clearly some family issue that needed addressing. Strangely though, family background is hardily explored. But Billy had muscles, so I guess that is all that mattered.

Steve and Robin

Steve and Robin. We know Steve is a stud because it is implied in the first episode that he banged a lot of girls. Then we see Steve and Nancy together in his bed. We think he is going to dump her after this but surprisingly he sticks with her for too long. It isn’t until season 3 when we see Steven and Robin flirting it up in cute sailor outfits that we think they are going to plow. Actors Joe Keery and Maya Hawke both haven’t done anything significant prior to this show, and it makes me wonder if the crew decided to find the entire cast of the show in the basement bargain bin at a junk shop for a quarter each. With limited experience and talent, our only hope was that Steve and Robin would have consummated after magically outsmarting the entire Soviet Union. Later we discover that Steve and Robin liked the same girl in high school and could never like each other. What a bummer.

So yeah, there were a lot of awesome team-ups in Stranger Things. Too many to mention, actually. There was a time when Netflix forced you to give them your credit card and did not support gift cards. Thank goodness they wised up and now you can buy a Netflix gift card.

Why The Characters are a Great Team

The hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, has taken the world by storm with its unique blend of sci-fi, horror, and 80s nostalgia. One of the key elements that make this show so captivating is the dynamic and lovable characters. From Eleven, the telekinetic girl with a troubled past, to Chief Hopper, the gruff yet caring police chief, each character brings something special to the table. But what truly makes them stand out is their ability to work together as a team. Let’s explore why the characters of Stranger Things make such a great team.

First and foremost, Eleven is the heart and soul of the group. Despite her mysterious origins and extraordinary abilities, she is just a young girl who craves love and acceptance. She may be the strongest member of the group, but she never hesitates to put herself in harm’s way to protect her friends. Her determination and loyalty to the group make her an invaluable member of the group.

The Upside Down, a parallel dimension filled with terror and danger, is a constant threat to the residents of Hawkins. The Demogorgon, a terrifying creature from the Upside Down, is the main antagonist of the show. But the team of Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Lucas Sinclair are not easily intimidated. These four best friends have a bond that is unbreakable, forged through countless hours of playing Dungeons & Dragons and facing the Demogorgon in their make-believe adventures. This bond translates to their real-life situations, making them a formidable force against any evil that comes their way.

The Byers’ house is like the base for the kids, serving as a safe haven for all of them. Will’s disappearance in the first season brings the group even closer together, as they come up with a plan to rescue him from the clutches of the Demogorgon. Jonathan Byers, Will’s older brother, plays a crucial role in this mission. His determination and resourcefulness make him an essential member of the team, and he will do whatever it takes to protect his family and friends.

Joyce Byers, the boys’ mother, may seem like an unlikely member of the cast at first, but her fierce love for her son and her determination to find him make her a valuable asset. Her unwavering belief in the supernatural happenings in Hawkins and her willingness to go to extreme lengths to save her son prove that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Chief Hopper, a gruff and skeptical police chief, initially doesn’t believe the boys’ story about the Upside Down and the Demogorgon. But as he delves deeper into the mysteries of Hawkins, he becomes an integral part of the team. His investigative skills and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect the town and its residents make him a crucial member of the team.

Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler’s popular and seemingly shallow boyfriend, also becomes an unlikely tag-along. Despite his initial indifference, he steps up in the face of danger and uses his strength and bravery to help his friends. He also forms an unexpected bond with Dustin, becoming a big brother figure to him.

The team is also joined by Max Mayfield, a new girl in town with a troubled past, and her stepbrother Billy Hargrove, the town’s resident bad boy. Though they may not always see eye to eye with the group, their contributions and growth as characters make them valuable members of the team.

One of the biggest threats faced by the kids is The Mind Flayer, a powerful and malevolent entity from the Upside Down. The team’s battles against this formidable foe are some of the most intense and heart-pumping moments of the series. They must work together, using all their skills and strengths, to defeat this common enemy.

The team is not limited to just the core group of friends, as other characters also play a crucial role in their adventures. The Hawkins Lab, where experiments on supernatural phenomena take place, is a constant source of danger and conflict for the team. The Wheeler’s house, the Arcade, the Starcourt Mall, Hawkins Middle School, and Hawkins High School are all locations where the team comes together to face their enemies.

The characters of Stranger Things make a fantastic cast because of their individual strengths and their unwavering loyalty to each other. They have faced unimaginable dangers and challenges, but their bond has only grown stronger. As we eagerly await the next season of the show, we can’t help but wonder what new adventures and enemies the team will face, and how they will continue to rely on each other to overcome them.