Catwoman punches Batman in face

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The relationship between Batman and  Catwoman has always been interesting. Throughout comic history the two have fought through the sands of time.

Batman and Catwoman Have a Child

If you had ever heard of the Huntress you may be surprised to know that she is the offspring of Batman and Catwoman. Inside analternate universe, Batman becomes more trusting and marries Catwoman. This story is interesting because we see a side of Batman we are not used to seeing. Catwoman witnesses the scars of warfare on Batman’s back,a scene which inspired a popular work of art by Alex Ross. (affiliate link) Catwoman also dies in this classic story.

Batman and Catwoman Kiss, Bruce Reveals Identity

One of the best stories in comic history comes out of Batman: Hush . Here we witness Batman and Catwoman develop a deeper relationship than we have seen before. Robin convinces Batman that the reason his past relationships have not worked is because of the identity he had to keep secret. The lust between Batman and Batwoman is extraordinary and the Jim Lee artwork magnifies this.

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