Brave and the Bold 197

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Did you know that Batman and Catwoman married each other? Me neither, but that is what happens in a story in The Brave And The Bold issue 197. Surprisingly, it was available at a very affordable price. In case you are cheap bastard, you can just read the synopsis below, although you should really get your own copy, because it’s that good.

Alright, so what happened for things to turn out the way so Bruce and Selena tie the knot, you ask? Well Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is reflecting on his life at the beginning of the story. He goes to his old girlfriend’s wedding, Linda Page. He realizes he’s all alone due to his secret life as Batman. Batwoman makes an appearance wearing a ridiculous yellow costume. She looks like a banana wearing a red cape. Batman wears black so he can’t be seen, and Batwoman wears yellow so she can be a bullet-magnet. I don’t get it, I thought hanging around for target practice was Robin’s job.

Anyway, Scarecrow gases Batman and now he freaks out that he is alone. He goes home and smacks a vase off the table when he can’t find Alfred, his butler. The drawing is so funny, he looks like a bratty child who just got his Nintendo taken away from him. He then visits Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, who is in prison. He tells her he can get her on parole if she puts her old costume back on and helps him go after the Scarecrow. When Batman gets shot with a lit arrow in the back, Catwoman tries to patch him up later, which meant Batman had to take off his shirt but magically was able to do so without removing his cowl. Selina gasps at his scarred back. (This scene was mentioned as the inspiration of an Alex Ross painting in a book of his art, which is why I chose to read this story.)

The Brave and the Bold issue 197, a notable comic book published in 1983, holds a unique significance within the comic book universe. This particular issue introduces an alternate reality, known as Earth-2, where the characters Batman and Catwoman tie the knot and begin a family. Diverging from the traditional narrative, this storyline allowed for the exploration of complex relationships and the humanization of iconic characters. Furthermore, it laid the groundwork for future comic book story arcs and has since become a cherished piece among comic book aficionados.

If you like seeing women getting punched in the face, then you’re going to love page 17 as Selina reflects getting beaten by her ex-husband. Batman and Catwoman decide they can help each other, they embrace a kiss, then the story ends saying they were married 20 years before Selina died. The sudden story stop was weird. This is a really great issue (affiliate link) and you should try to get it if you can.

The Awkwardness of Them Married

Superheroes come with pairings that are right from the word go, such as Superman and Lois Lane or Spider-man and Mary Jane. Yet we also have those connections that leave us bewildered and pondering; how did that come about? The marriage between Batman and Catwoman is one of those matches. The shocking turn of events followed years of flirtations and tension between them. And although there are some fans who think it’s amazing to witness this love story, others might consider it strange in one way or another.

The big question is how Batman relates to others. Traditionally, he has been depicted as a vigilante, preferring to work alone and prioritize his mission over any personal life. Thus, it’s quite incongruous to envision him ever marrying anyone, let alone Catwoman.

Yet, maybe the hardest part to comprehend about this bond is that Batman and Catwoman once found themselves on opposite sides of the justice system. Being husband and wife is indeed quite strange considering that Batman is a symbol of fairness, law, and order, whereas Catwoman is a master thief and a criminal as well. It certainly makes you wonder about these two people.

But how would they manage to handle their secret selves and the life of a superhero married couple, when Bruce Wayne is an extravagant billionaire playboy and Selina Kyle is a famous thief called Catwoman? It’s like mixing oil with water; at best, you will end up with something awkward.

Even with awkwardness not a part of the picture, one cannot take away the fun and mystery that accompany this very unexpected alliance. It is a new force that is sure to give the Batman saga an all-new spin-off, leaving fans in awe. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of getting acquainted with another side of Batman – one that is softer and more vulnerable as he goes through marriage.