Batman gadget utility belt

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As a kid, surely you have dreamed that your crummy fake toys actually did something, rather than having to say “pew pew” all the time. Well it turns out that you can have some of actual Batman gadgets in real life… and not just replicas or props neither. Here is a convenient list of some of the baddest bat-gear you can get your hands on.


Batman gadget batarangs
Did you have those foam ninja stars as a kid that were so flimsy that they would not even spin? That is why you need some authentic batarangs to spice things up. Forget playing with a boring old frisbee. Nothing says summer fun like a batarang to the jugular. Once your friends gets out of the ER, you can tell them how you found it (affiliate link) with a sweet carrying case to boot. And come on. We are talking about real batarangs for sale. Real ones!

Utility Belt

Batman gadgets, whatever they may be, need to be stored in a pouch attached to some area of the body: legs, arms, neck, toes, etc. The waist, however, seems to be the most optimal spot in the form of a utility belt. If you utilize it, be sure to a save a pouch for the really important stuff like your cellphone, or Skittles.


Batman gadgets cuffs
One of the most iconic Batman gadgets you can buy are the forearm guards. I guess they aid in sword fighting or something. Personally, I fantasize of using them while leaping on someone’s parachute and puncturing it. These ones I found (affiliate link) have real metal clips, awesome for anyone aspiring to get a felony charge.

Batman Gadget Grappling Hook

Bat gear grappling hook
Okay, this is only a nonfunctional replica. I suppose you could rig it up to a gas-powered motor, however I don’t think it would be very subtle. I still think it is worth getting (affiliate link) if you love Batman gadgets the way I do.

Any other Batman gadgets you recommend? Leave a comment below.