Ghost Rider joins Thunderbolts

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You may know about Ghost Rider due to the movie with Nicolas Cage. If so, you may be surprised that he joined a team of misfits known as the Thunderbolts. Yes, the man that made a deal with the devil ends up working along side the Punisher, Elektra, Venom and others.

The Thunderbolts are kind of like evil Avengers. They are a team put together to get things done, but do it on their own terms. They are a team used to working individually, so when brought together the sparks fly. In Thunderbolts issue 22 (Affiliate Link) (from 2012 series), Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) helps out the team as they navigate their way through hell… literally. His assistance leads to their success.

We see that Ghost Rider joins Thunderbolts at the end of the issue. He changes his flame to red. You see, Thunderbolts has this dumb red theme going on. The hulk is red. Venom’s crest has red. Even the Punisher’s skull becomes red. Ugh. It is just as tacky as it sounds.

Regardless, you should give Thunderbolts 22 a read. Elektra and Punisher battle Mercy, who destroys the Punisher badly. I guess that is how someone naturally reacts when shot at with an M4 rifle. When you heard that Ghost Rider joins Thunderbolts, what were your thoughts? Leave a comment below.