Deadpool fights Venom

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Did you hear about anything cool that happened this week? No? Did you hear that Deadpool fights Venom? Did not think so.

Thunderbolts 23 (2012 series) is awesome. The current symbiote host asks his colleagues to basically beat venom out of him after he lets it take complete control. So not only does the Hulk fight Venom, but so does the Punisher, Elektra, and Ghost Ride. And, best of all, Deadpool fights Venom. He does it in his typical humorous style, luring Venom by painting his costume to imitate Spider-Man.

The Thunderbolts series up to this point has been sort of hit-or-miss. Some of the storyline (and artwork…) has been pure unadulterated crap. But then, out of nowhere, a really bad-ass issue happens like this one (Affiliate Link). When Deadpool fights Venom, it’s like a hot jelly doughnut bursting open in your mouth; first it is too hot to handle, but then it cools down and your notice the delicious awesomeness of the situation. Then you leave with a burned tongue and pray that you remembered to refill the ice tray in your freezer.

Fan of Deadpool? Fan of Venom? Did you know that Deadpool fights Venom? Oh yeah, I mentioned that already. Just leave your comment please.

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