Felicia Hardy Shower in Prison

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For those who do not know, Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. The Black Cat is like Marvel’s version of Selina Kyle. With her sexy tight latex costume, white hair and black mask, you can bet that Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy kissed (and more…) many times.

So imagine her surprise when she encountered a punch to the face from the Superior Spider-Man, thinking it was typical Peter Parker.

Long story short, Felicia Hardy goes to prison, and for no good reason. It all happens (Affiliate Link) in Amazing Spider-Man 1 (from 2014). Doc Ock’s mind in Peter Parker’s body has had the habit of being too hard on criminals, even to the point of committing murder. With no knowledge of this, she craves revenge. How could her former lover treat her so badly? The scenario causes serious emotional damage. One panel implies a possible prison shower rape. In the end, Felicia Hardy escapes from her cell with revenge on her mind.

In one ironic panel with Felicia Hardy being photographed for a mug shot, she closely resembles an Adam Hughes cover of Catwoman, with cleavage hanging out and everything. No wonder that Felicia Hardy and Selena Kyle had managed to seduce the two most popular super heroes in comics. The panel is so close (Affiliate Link) to Catwoman 51 that it was either an homage or a comic swipe.
Felicia Hardy Selena Kyle

Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) is an antihero thief that appeared in Spider-Man stories from Marvel Comics. Felicia and Spider-Man have been lovers around the time he found his black symbiotic suit. As mentioned, DC has had a nearly identical character far sooner. Felicia Hardy and Selena Kyle have many similarities. Both are thieves who wear tight latex, have cat in their names, and have seduced the main hero. And for someone stone-cold like Batman to be seduced is no minor feat.