Spider-Man Naked

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Spider-Man has lived out of New York City ever since his creation at Marvel Comics (which non-coincidentally, also resides in NYC) but Amazing Spider-Man issue 1 (from 2014 (Affiliate Link)) hits a new low as our web-slinging hero is caught buck-naked by a slew of spectators.

Skein (aka Gypsy Moth) is a thief working with a team of bandits. She has the power to re-weave clothing to, oh I don’t know, strangle or trap people I guess. This comes in handy when she uses it to get Spider-man naked in the middle of New York City. Spider-Man then needed to react quickly to hide his junk with some webbing Thank goodness it dissolves within an hour, or that could cause some horrible circumstances for the future.

As if Spider-Man naked in broad daylight on a packed street was not bad enough for Peter Parker, his girlfriend (which he knows nothing about because his mind was swapped with Doc Ock) recognized his freckles near his private parts, revealing his secret identity as Spider-Man. So now he was caught naked both literally and metaphorically.

Before she made Spider-Man naked in public, I had never heard of Skein or Gypsy Moth. If I had, I would have been much more interested in this character. It is hard to think of a cooler power than the ability to embarrass anyone you like on a whim. It is also interesting that Anna Maria Marconi, Spider-Man’s girlfriend (really Doc Ock’s girlfriend) implied that they had been knocking boots. So not only does Peter have to explain himself to her, but he also needs to get tested for STDs. Who knows how many women Doc Ock slept with while borrowing his body?

So there you have it. Spider-Man naked as the day he was born, running around wearing nothing but a mask and webbing. I can see Marvel Comics having a toast dedicated to how classy their company is. If you are looking for this comic, you are bound to get confused. This is from the third series of Amazing Spider-Man #1, from 2014. Surely this was to coincide with the Amazing Spider-Man movie. They decided to have another ASM #1 in 2015!If that were not enough, they also decided to have 50 different variant covers (Affiliate Link) of the 2014 version. Marvel’s parent company, Disney, will milk any franchise bone dry, that’s for sure.