Druuna Serpieri

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One day I was watching a video demonstration by Frank Cho who explained how he adapted his cross-hatching pen technique from the Italian “master” Paolo Serpieri, author of Drunna. I have never heard of this artist, but if he was good enough to influence Frank Cho, I figured I would research Serpieri as well.

It turns out that Serpieri is not just a master, but rather an absolute master of the human body’s form. His ability is not limited to only people, but to monsters and environments as well. Pretty much anything from his imagination, he can put on paper. Paolo Serpieri clearly prefers to work in pencil, and throughout his Druuna series, he uses colored pencils as well.

Clearly, he is known best for his stories published by Heavy Metal of Druuna. Serpieri masterfully tells the story of a voluptuous young woman as she navigates a science fiction world of mutants. It is something like 8 volumes, which must have been a massive feat to accomplish. As implied earlier, it is absolutely masterfully executed, with every living thing seeming absolutely real. It is also absolutely sexual, with constant intercourse throughout. The drawings are so detailed that as a hand grabs Druuna’s big ass, you can see the curves and indentations that imply the pressure of the fingers pressing against it. As the scenario involves a plague-infested mutated environment, working in this much sex into such a disgusting story must have been challenging.

Druuna by Serpieri is not your average comic book series. Not only is it a stunning visual masterpiece, but it also possesses a rich, complex storyline that will draw you in and leave you wanting more. The characters, particularly the alluring protagonist Druuna, are expertly crafted and become fully-realized individuals as the series progresses. Serpieri’s attention to detail is evident on every page, from the intricately drawn environments to the subtle nuances of each character’s expressions.

To truly appreciate Druuna by Serpieri, one must delve deeper into the underlying themes and symbolism present in the series. On the surface, it may seem like a mere erotic sci-fi adventure, but at its core, it is a reflection on the human condition and our desires. The mutations and decay of the post-apocalyptic world mirror the decaying psyche of humanity, and Druuna’s sexual liberation represents a reclaiming of power in a world that seeks to subjugate and exploit. With its breathtaking artwork and thought-provoking themes, Druuna by Serpieri is a tour-de-force of the graphic novel medium.

Druuna by Serpieri has captivated readers for years with its stunning beauty and unique storytelling. The intricate character development and attention to detail on every page draw readers in and keep them engaged throughout the series. But what truly sets Druuna apart is its exploration of deeply human themes such as sexuality, power, and the search for purpose in a world gone mad. It is a rare gem in the world of graphic novels that both titillates and challenges its readers, leaving a lasting impact that will not soon be forgotten.

serpieri sketchbook

Serpieri’s sketchbooks (Affiliate Link) are no different. It is filled with monsters and pornographic images. It was hard for me to even find clean photos to show you examples. Druuna is one heck of a comic book series, if you can even call it a comic book. It is more like a series of graphic novels, and definitely not for children. The first volume (Morbus Gravis) is not too graphic, but the following go as far as to show full penetration. If you are able to tolerate the awkward combination of both beauty and disgust combined in only a way Paolo Serpieri could pull off, give it a read for sure.