Nightwing and Starfire had a daugher

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Ever since Starfire locked lips with Dick Grayson in order to learn English, the two of them have developed a relationship. Even after Dick changed from Robin to Nightwing, they moved in together and almost got married. But the most startling revelation about their relationship was revealed in issue 1 (Affiliate Link) of Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come. Nightwing and Starfire had a daughter!

As I have discussed before, Kingdom Come is a story about the future of super heroes, where the next generation neglects the responsibility of their powers and endangers mankind. Superman needs to intervene to keep the peace, but ends up failing and eventually goes berserk against the United Nations.

Why does all of this matter? Because in the first issue of the story, when we see super heroes inadvertently destroying the city, one of them seems familiar. Apparently, Nightwing and Starfire had a daughter, and her name was Nightstar. (Clever name, no?)

Beyond the first issue, Nightstar appears alongside Batman, but never has any focus in the Kingdom Come series. Even so, the thought that Nightwing and Starfire had a daughter is intriguing and cannot be denied. She had Starfire’s glowing eyes and flight, while wearing a costume that resembled what Nightwing used to wear.
Nightstar Kingdom Come
After doing some research, in turns out that after the Kingdom Come series, Nightstar has appeared in other spin-off comics where she plays a more prominent role. This makes sense considering how much fans have adored the relationship that her parents have had. So it was clever that Mark Waid (the writer) and Alex Ross (the artist) decided that Nightwing and Starfire had a daughter and worked her into the story line.

Do you have any thoughts on the love child known as Nightstar? Leave a comment. Or don’t, why should I care? (because it is awesome, that’s why!)