Doom Patrol comic

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I had recently picked up an issue of the comic book Doom Patrol and thought I would give you my thoughts about it. It is from June 2011 and it’s not part of that DC New 52 reboot crap. The story is actually interesting and compelling, which has allowed me to judge Doom Patrol as being a legitimate comic series.

Doom Patrol is a team of misfits, often called the world’s strangest super heroes. Same old plot, if you ask me. But that does not make the series any less entertaining. In issue 21, the plot focuses on robotic men and possibly building a new Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol comic 21 was apparently illustrated using a drawing tablet. From my reading experience, this usually means less detail than if done with pencil, and thus leads to laziness. However, this issue of Doom Patrol was actually illustrated really well, which is a rarity in a case like this. However, it still has the “copy and paste” issue that never existed before computers made it so easy. Just open Doom Patrol 21 at the center staple page and take a look with your own eyes. The same panel is duplicated four times on one page!

I have to admit, Doom Patrol appears to be one of the better DC series of comics. They have been around awhile, and thus there are many comics (Affiliate Link). If you are at all interested, take a look.

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