superman supergirl maelstrom

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I picked up Superman Supergirl Maelstrom part 4 of 5 (Affiliate Link), not sure what the heck is going on in the story because, ya know, I'm missing parts one, two and three. Superman and Supergirl are on some planet which is apparently not earth, and Superman is poisoned and dying or something. Supergirl is hungry, so I guess that means they don't have their powers. Supergirl is also a typical whiny teenager who doesn't want to do any work.

Typical of these newer comics, the artwork looks like it was done on the computer. Some of the panels in Superman Supergirl Maelstrom 4 look lazily drawn, also typical of newer comics, this one being published in 2008. For example, on the cover is this picture of Supergirl fighting this squid thing with teeth. The picture of the squid thing is exactly the same picture shown in the story, more than once even. Or in other words it was copied and pasted in whatever program they use to draw comics, Photoshop I guess.

The advertisements in this issue are interesting as well. There are several video game ads, as usual, and an ad for the Joe Kubert School. Occasionally some propaganda slips into these comics, and in this case there is a page that says "There aren't many jobs out there for potheads", and shows a sarcastic fake advertisement for becoming a burrito taster. I've never done or abused any illegal drugs, and a lecture telling me to stop being a pothead when I've never touched the stuff makes me want to punch someone in the face. You need to get yourself (Affiliate Link)a copy of Superman Supergirl Maelstrom 4 so you can see this pathetic advertisement for yourself. What makes me upset is that there is no way they really care about anyone's health, because that's not the way the world works; there must be money to be made somehow. Well enough of my rant, give it a read if it's available.