Wolverine married Witchblade

If you think this sounds bizarre, I am with you one hundred percent. I recently picked up Witchblade Wolverine and the first page put a look on my face that you should have seen. There I saw it: Logan kissing Sara Pezzini, bound in marriage. “What the hell is going on? Wolverine married?” is a mild way to describe what I was thinking.

For some reason, both people could not remember who they were, or how they got there, but they were just married. They were puzzled to even see Wolverine’s claws as they slid out of his hand. I felt what was more puzzling was why Sara was wearing a two-piece wedding “dress”. I suppose it provided lots of maneuverability for when the fighting began.

Oh don’t look so surprised. Did you really think that just because Wolverine married Witchblade, that the story was going to be sappy? No. We’re talking about two cold-blooded killers here. So yeah, there is fighting, and violence. There is the obligatory scene of Wolverine cutting off a body part, in this scenario it was a hand.

I have always had a soft spot for seeing comic heroes end up happily ever after, and seeing Wolverine married to Sara Pezzini is is pretty sweet. They are two characters that are hard to hate, so it is a marriage made in heaven. Take a look at it if you have the chance.

By Al

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