Conan and Red Sonja proposition

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As soon as Red Sonja was introduced into the Conan universe, it only seemed natural that they would hook up at some point. She even manipulated him by teasing this concept. However, she also made a vow that she would never lay with a man unless he bests her in fair battle. So how is it possible that Conan could have been with Red Sonja, then?

Red Sonja’s origin and abilities come from her vow of swearing off men after being raped by a gang leader. An Angel offered her retribution with only this one caveat. The exception would be if she was beaten in a fair battle, as previously stated.

So this is what is interesting: Conan and Red Sonja have fought before. It happens (Affiliate Link) in Marvel Feature 7 from 1976. At first, Sonja got the jump on Conan, but allows mercy for old times sake. But then Conan continues to fight and over-powers Sonja. Thus, you could argue that Conan defeated her. After returning the favor and letting her live, she gets a second wind and they fight again.

Here is something else interesting, though. Earlier in this issue, she questions if the angelic figure from her past actually existed. A few issues before this one, Red Sonja reconsidered her vow. She said that perhaps it was a stupid decision, made by a stupid young girl. In this same issue, she kisses a boy. Was this her reversing her stance?

Let’s not neglect the amazing artwork of Frank Thorne during this battle. If not mistaken I believe this was his last issue of Red Sonja that he created before he moved on to other work. He would script the story, do the pencil work and apply ink using a brush. Although not as detailed as say Mark Schultz, to do all of this so well and so quickly is undeniably impressive.

It’s not hard to find content on Red Sonja. A great place to start is TFAW. (Affiliate link.) There are all kinds of stuff on this character. Toys, statues, shirts, posters, etc. It would be hard not to attribute Frank Thorne’s contribution to this booming franchise.

Conan and Sonja Together?

Red Sonja and Conan are two great warriors who cherish courage, valor, and freedom. They have traveled through several lands to fight against threats that come their way. They honor a code of duty, but possess an understandable streak of realism. Not averse to killing or stealing when it is called for, they still recognize the importance of having skills tempered by honor, and they respect those who can wield power responsibly. Their loyalty to their comrades is unflinching, but equally important to them is their freedom and self-reliance. They are not tied down by any laws or customs but follow their own principles of justice and morality.

But what distinguishes them? Conan is a native of the Cimmerian mountains and ice plains, a harsh land of snow and mountains. He was born to a tribe of warriors, who trained him since infancy in the arts of survival and combat. This barbarian has a deep bond with his home and people, yet possesses an indomitable spirit which compels him to venture into uncharted territories. He is one who rarely speaks or engages in discussion, but instead prefers to deal with challenges using his sword or fists.

He may not be so keen on politics or religion, but he does have a genuine interest and respect for other cultures and beliefs. He isn’t much of a hopeless romantic, but enjoys the company of women who can hold their own and match his strength and spirit.

Red Sonja is a warrior woman from Hyrkania, a land of plains and sands. When she was a child, her family was killed by marauders, leaving her orphaned. But she got help from a deity who gave her martial power that no one else in the world could even come close to mastering, though this power also came with an intense punishment – for never being able to find love with anyone weaker than herself. She’s deeply devout in her worship of the deity but also occasionally defies and questions both authority and tradition.
The red-haired warrior is a talker and knows how to employ her cleverness and persuasiveness to achieve her aims. She is interested in political and religious matters, but she has developed cynicism and wariness for those who manipulate others or abuse power. Though she is greatly romantic at heart, she still enjoys the thrill of finding someone who truly deserves her affection.

Considering these elements, it is possible to contend that Conan and Red Sonja share sufficient similarities for them to develop an association based on camaraderie and admiration, but also enough disparities that lead to disagreement or antagonism. They may well appreciate each other’s skills and daring spirit, although their principles and approaches could conflict at times. On one hand, they could be united by some moments of love-making; on the other hand, commitment and compromise may turn out to be a challenging affair. They might love being in each other’s company for a period of time, but this might eventually lead to boredom or restlessness.