Black Canary and Batman Kiss

If we can be honest for a minute, Batman has probably hooked up every super-heroine at some point. So it should be no surprise that Black Canary and Batman kiss more than once. It was bound to happen. Take two lonely Justice League members and put them in the same room. See what happens.

This is precisely what takes place in Justice League 84 (Affiliate Link) from November 1970. We have Black Canary on JLA’s Space Satellite Headquarters on observation duty. She welcomes the job, as she needed to be distracted from thinking about her dead husband. While at her most vulnerable point, Batman shows up to relieve her from her post. So we have this blonde bombshell and a millionaire socialite in the same room. It should be no surprise when we see Black Canary and Batman kiss for the first time, as it be.

When Batman arrives, Black Canary does not seem to want to leave. She has nothing else to do, and Batman agrees, saying that he would enjoy her company. This surprises her as he is a rich stud muffin ready to plow all the time. He acknowledges this by saying that there is no love in numbers. After revealing that he only had one person in mind that he wanted to marry, Black Canary does what women do best and tries to pry into his personal life with a nosy question. Batman recognizes this and brushes her off.

Naturally, Black Canary begins to cry. Batman takes the bait and embraces her in his arms. This is when we see Black Canary and Batman kiss for the first time. Recognizing the mistake that was made, they part ways and pretend as if it never happened.

The craziest thing about the whole thing is that the scenario seemed to have been shoehorned into another story. The two of them kissing had no bearing toward the rest of the plot or story. It was rather bizarre. Even the place where it happened was separate than where they were before and after the incident. It was almost as if they were ready to cut the scene if they had to, or it was added later to pad the comic and make it longer.

If you care (which you probably don’t) this issue of Justice League starts off having to do with the “Iron Curtain”. The Cold War was still going on at the time of publication, and the Soviet Union still existed. After we see Black Canary and Batman kiss, there is a bizarre story with a seemingly primitive tribe and toxic gas.

It’s not hard to see why Batman and Black Canary could be good for each other. They share a strong sense of justice and a willingness to do whatever it takes to protect their city and those close to them. Plus, they both understand the burden of loss and the toll it can take on a person. However, their relationship has always been complicated, and they’ve never quite been able to make it work. Despite their mutual understanding and admiration for each other, Black Canary and Batman have always struggled to make their relationship work.

Whether it is due to their strong-willed personalities or their unwavering dedication to justice, the two heroes have often clashed, leaving their romance in a state of uncertainty. Yet, there is no denying the chemistry between them, and fans continue to hold out hope for their eventual happily ever after. Perhaps, like many great love stories, Batman and Black Canary’s relationship will require time and patience to bloom into something truly special.

If you are a comic book fan and love Black Canary, a great place to start is at TFAW. It’s pretty thorough and up-to-date with its current graphic novel and toys, so be sure to check it out. So, how do you feel about the two of the kissing? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.