Catwoman Shot in the Head

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We have seen Catwoman die in stories before, but the Justice League of America comic brings in a whole new era of “shock value” trash, if you ask me. In Justice League of America issue 4 (from 2013) we see Catwoman shot dead by, presumably, the Joker. The series and issue itself is a great read, but this death thing is getting ridiculous.

So basically, Catwoman is caught and interrogated in Justice League of America 4. The idea is to lure out Batman, and to lure out Batman, Catwoman has to be dead for some reason. Really this premise makes no sense. Wouldn’t capturing her be enough? Long story short, Catwoman gets shot, and I don’t mean in the shoulder like essential characters usually do in stories.

The problem with death and dying in comics is that it no longer matters after a while, because you know it’s not permanent. Dead should mean dead! Sure, we had just seen Catwoman shot in the head. But have also seen Wolverine killed by Magneto, Spider-Man killed by Deadpool, etc. Those examples I mentioned may not be canon with other story lines, but how often is it?

Be sure to read (Affiliate Link) Justice League of America 4 from 2013 because if you don’t, gnomes will steal your underpants. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of Catwoman shot in the head.