Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans show

Sometimes the most frustrating fantasy relationships are the ones that never come to fruition, despite how much we want them to. In the television show Teen Titans, popularized by Cartoon Network, we got to see some interesting dynamics between Beast Boy and Raven. For some, the show were fans’ first encounter with these cast of characters. (Some are more useless than others, but they can’t all be winners.) Let’s take a closer look by looking at some of the episodes.

We don’t get to see Raven and Beast Boy’s first impressions of each other at the beginning of the series, but we do see a heart-felt moment of compassion in the very first episode. After being injured from a battle earlier in the story, Raven holds Beast Boy by the chest and helps him walk into Titans Tower. She can see that he is rubbing his leg because of an injury, so she uses her abilities to heal his leg. Garfield remarks about how he didn’t know that they had a doctor in the house. The two of them are alone during this event, and there is a sweetness about the situation that makes us want their relationship to bud.

Raven heals Beast Boy

More heartwarming moments begin to surface by episode six of Teen Titans, titled “Nevermore” in the first season. A hint of compassion is shown when Beast Boy tries explaining that he had been trying to be nice to Raven, but she won’t even laugh at is jokes. Cyborg points out that she still listens to them, even if she doesn’t laugh.

During the episode, the two of them accidentally enter Raven’s mind through a mirror used for meditation. When Raven discovers what had happened, she enters the mirror as well to protect her friends from danger. She insisted they escape at the first opportunity, but they chose to stay. Raven says to Beast Boy that she thought that he didn’t like her. He responds by saying that he thought that she didn’t like him. They smile at each other as Beast Boy puts his hand on her shoulder. Near the end of the episode, he asks her if they really are friends. She blushes and nods yes. His feelings for her begin to shine through, and in return the scene shows how she feels about him.

Raven blushing for Beast Boy

Perhaps the best example of Beast Boy and Raven showing compassion for each other is during season three, episode six. It is titled “Spellbound”. Raven had become smitten with Malchior, a character imprisoned in a mystical book that she had in her possession. He would portray himself as a tall, masculine dreamboat who called her a “beautiful girl”, and presented her with a rose.

Malchior would make her laugh, which grabbed the attention of Beast Boy in the hallway. He knocks on Raven’s door and asks her if there is someone else in there with her, and if she is okay. This could be interpreted as jealousy, as he heard male voices that were making her laugh. (Not only this, but the man’s voice was coming from her bedroom, and all know what that implies.) Beast Boy decides to spy on her by shape-shifting into a fly, then resting on her bedroom wall to discover all the details. Interpret this however you please.

Of course, Malchior was a bad guy all along and was simply manipulating Raven to escape his prison. After she puts him back into the book, Beast Boy tells her that he’s sorry that her heart was broken. He says, “You think you’re alone Raven, but you’re not.” She then rewards him with a powerful hug that makes him blush.

Raven hugs Beast Boy

So there you have it, a strong bond between two Teen Titan characters who, frankly, probably have harbored feelings for each other. For any fan of Teen Titans who wants to see these two friends blush at each other, finding the show on Blu-Ray is super cheap and easy (Affiliate link). It’s literally, like, ten bucks off of eBay for a whole season.