White Raven in Teen Titans

When watching the television series Teen Titans, we all want to root for Raven, since she prefers to be alone meditating while drinking herbal tea. Although the rest of the team tries to encourage her to be more social, (especially Beast Boy) her true self is cloaked in darkness. In the rare occasion when her purest form unleashes itself, we get to witness what some call White Raven. Instead of her usual blue cloak, we get to see a wardrobe change that contrasts the dim colors that she is accustomed to. Here are a few times in the series where you can see her new form.

One of the earliest scenes with White Raven can be seen in episode six of season one of Teen Titans. After Cyborg and Beast Boy accidentally enter Raven’s mind through a mirror in her bedroom, Raven enters the mirror as well, knowing there would be trouble. It turns out that trouble is daddy issues with Trigon, who immediately tries to blast everyone with his eyes. Also present are at least three (additional) versions of Raven: happy, timid and brave. Raven combines all the variations of herself so that she could have the power to defeat Trigon. When she does this, her outfit turns white. After attacking her father, he turns into a version of Raven that is red, which then enters her body, before turning back to her blue-colored self.

White Raven in Nevermore episode

During season three of Teen Titans, we can see in episode six, “Spellbound”, that Raven is a lonely person. She is quickly seduced by a dark dragon character that had been imprisoned in a book. Masquerading as a handsome hero who wants to be with her, Raven allows her heart to open. During this time, her demeanor changes. Not only is she laughing and smiling, but we get to see a White Raven that lights up the room. She confidently decides to be social, entering the room and greeting everyone before eating an apple.

Teen Titans with Raven

The point is that White Raven is a representation of her true self, which resides inside her. You might say that her power comes from within, since she is more powerful in this form. For whatever reason, her white outfit often appears while fighting her father.

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