Batman and Punisher

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Could Batman and Punisher have been cut from the same cloth?

A friend of mine has been obsessed with the Punisher, but thinks Batman is sort of a dumb character. I have this some thought and suddenly realized… are not these characters virtually the same? Here are some similarities.

Watched Their Family Die

The Punisher, aka Frank Castle, was having a leisurely day with his family in the park. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time caused his entire family to be killed by organized crime. The tragedy of the story is that they died as indirect victims of crime, and suffered for virtually no reason. Castle vows to never let another innocent person suffer, and wages a one man war on crime.

Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, was having a leisurely day with his family, and were exiting a theater. In an alley, a terrified mugger shot and killed both of his parents. The tragedy is that his parents died as victims of petty theft, and left Bruce as an orphan. Bruce vows to never let another innocent person suffer, and wages a one man war on crime.

Work Alone

Both Batman and Punisher refuse do not trust anyone, and prefer to work alone. The Punisher had Micro, a hacker that had a knack for finding things, and would occasionally patch up Castle when injured in battle. Batman has Alfred, a butler he knew since childhood who has had military experience. Whenever Batman is injured, Alfred patches him up. Both Batman and Punisher have had constant heated disputes with their collaborates.

Ready To Cross The Line

The two characters are ready to take down heroes if need be. In the JLA: Tower of Babel story, it is revealed (affiliate link) that Batman had developed successful plans to stop the Justice League, including engineering kryptonite to cause Superman maximum pain and a method to cause the Flash to be infinitely trapped.

In the story The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe, Castle kills every known superhuman in existence, good and bad. He even goes as far as to using an atomic bomb. If that is not commitment, I do not know what is.

So there you have it. Three major similarities. Just because one prefers to kill and the other does not, does not mean that they would not be a match made in heaven.

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