Atlantis on Atari 2600

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With all the garbage games that were around, Atlantis on Atari 2600 was pretty good. So good in fact that a rare special version, dubbed Atlantis II, was created for a tournament contest.

Atlantis on Atari 2600 is like many games on the console: space ships are attacking and you have to shoot them down. So what is the big deal? Well you are limited to three cannons that are shot at specific angles and positions, which allows you to be a little creative. Beside this, the game is fun due to its speed sound effects.

Also existing for the Intellivision and Odyssey 2, Atlantis on Atari 2600 is a good port and worth having in your collection. As a classic, every dedicated Atari 2600 owner has had at least one copy in their lifetime. What is amazing about this game is that whenever you buy one, you have the potential of accidentally finding a copy of Atlantis II worth hundreds of dollars. So it would kind of be like winning the lottery. You see, Atlantis II on the cartridge itself looks exactly like regular Atlantis on Atari 2600. Beside it being rumored of being a little heavier, there is no way to tell the difference without actually playing the cartridges.

If you do not have an Atari 2600 collection yet, you should know that starting one is super fun. Why? Because they are cheap as dirt. (affiliate link) Plus it is fun digging through boxes at flea markets and garage sales, admiring your new find. Have you played Atlantis? What did you think? Leave a comment below.