Assassin Spider-Man with Black Widow

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We all know that Spider-Man prefers never to kill anyone, but what if he didn’t? That is the premise of a comic called What If? Spider-Man vs Wolverine. In this hypothetical one-shot comic, Spider-Man begins to work with Wolverine again after the time he killed his girlfriend by accident. The web crawler turns into a cold blooded killer operative. Yes, we are looking at an assassin Spider-Man. But how did this come to be?

Taken place right after the aforementioned story, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is in an airport to return home. Wolverine touches his shoulder and gives him a chance to redeem himself by saving an operative named Alex from the Russians. Peter goes to a payphone and calls Mary Jane and lets her know that he has to stay a while longer. (This is significant because in the original story, Mary Jane didn’t realize how much she loved him until he returned home safely. This led to them getting married.) While on the mission, Spider-Man accidentally kills someone in a power suit by breaking their neck. After saving Alex, Spider-Man began to be trained to be a better operative with more focus, which expanded his spider-sense. Spider-Man began to like Alex because she was not frail like Mary Jane. She also resembled his old girlfriend Gwen Stacy.

assassin Spider-Man with Wolverine

The Russians were out to get Alex back, who was an ex-CIA agent. In the process, Spider-Man and Wolverine were teaming up to counter-attack, bringing the world close to another Cold War. In the end, a deal is made to have Alex left alone, while the three of them decide to go on to cut the black ops world down to size. They make the world a safer place, but at the price of abandoning Mary Jane. Spider-Man writes her a letter explaining that he used to love her, but he has responsibilities along side his powers.

This is a rather bizarre and vague story that, for whatever reason, people became interested in. The idea of an assassin Spider-Man is just weird. He is able to shoot bullets out of his web-shooters, which must be painful for the wrists. Peter turns his life upside down to be with a woman. At least that much makes sense. This comic is inexpensive, so you might as well grab it (Affiliate Link) for your collection.