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Fans of Batman The Animated Series may also be fans of Harley and Ivy, the duo that have been literal partners in crime since an episode in the first season. Since then they have gone on to comic books of all sorts of themes. In 2004 a short comic series called “Batman Harley and Ivy” was introduced by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, who were the original developers and creators behind the animated series. It has the silliness of the show combined with mature humor. For example, we see Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn take a shower while in Arkham Asylum, then break out in a fight naked.

In the first issue of Batman Harley and Ivy, their plan is to steal a special plant that could turn anyone into a willing slave. (Sounds like borrachero, am I right?) After Harley screws up the plan, they have to risk grabbing the plant and escaping quickly. Batman appears pretty quick to stop them outside the building while they were descending down. Ivy attacks Batman but he dodges them all. In an act of desperation, Harley hits Batman over the head with the potted plant, and it proceeds to fall down a building side. Ivy loses her temper at Harley, giving Batman the opportunity to capture them.

Two weeks later, we see the two women in Arkham Asylum. Ivy is in the Rec-Room fantasizing about killing Harley. Harley decides that she needs a nice, relaxing hot shower. We see Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn take a shower while Harley tries to cheer up her friend by singing. She even washes her hair to the tune of “Put on a Happy Face”. When they exit the shower and are drying off, it is apparent that the ploy didn’t work. Harley comes up with another idea. She takes her towel, spins it into a whip and cracks the towel on Ivy’s backside. She though this would lighten her up but it causes Ivy to strangle Harley. She continues to bash her head against the shower floor while explaining that they could have had Gotham in the palm of their hands if she hadn’t screwed up.

Harley and Ivy fight in shower

Guards pull Harley and Ivy apart in a rather comedic panel where both of them are still naked. As Ivy is dragged away, she is yelling at Harley down the hallway, saying that she doesn’t ever want to see her again. Harley is crying at the thought. While back in their cells, Ivy takes some of her blood and puts it into a rose plant. This makes the plant become violent so that she is able to subdue a guard and escape. Combined with her mind-control kiss, she is able to escape through the sewer. While this is happening, Harley takes advantage of the situation Ivy created and uses it to leave her cell. The next day Ivy is on a ship heading for Portugal to find a replacement for the plant that was lost. Harley finds Ivy at the last minute and suggests that she comes along because, despite everything, they are best friends.

This is a cute little story and, beside the fact that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn take a shower together, it is mostly clean cartoon fun. To read the complete story, I recommend grabbing the paperback (Affiliate Link) due to the high price and popularity of the individual issues.