American Psycho Christian Bale

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If you are a fan of Christian Bale, you may have heard of the American Psycho movie. Although Christian Bale is English, he plays an American with a flawless accent. I didn’t like American Psycho too much the first time I saw it, nor did I understand it. As time went by, however, the film grew on me. As an independent-style film based on a classic book, there’s a lot to consider and analyze about it.


The Synopsis of American Psycho is that a man named Patrick Bateman is one of the many vice Presidents of Pierce & Pierce, a fictional company. It is implied that his father owns the company, and basically Bateman has nothing to do but waste time. He uses this time to torture prostitutes with clothes hangers, axe apart co-workers, and chase a woman with a chainsaw down a hallway…. while naked. Yes, Christian Bale is naked in this movie, ladies.

As the film progresses, we witness the many eccentricities of Patrick Bateman’s life, including a borderline obsessive hygiene routine and an odd fascination with business cards. Our protagonist seems to find solace in his varied collection of music, passionately lecturing his victims about the deeper meanings behind the seemingly upbeat tunes of Huey Lewis and the News or Phil Collins. But don’t let that fool you, Bateman’s chilling psychopathy truly knows no bounds, as he nonchalantly switches between gruesome acts of violence and attending lavish social events with Manhattan’s elite. In summary, American Psycho is a darkly comedic and satirical tale that delves into the extravagant yet hollow world of the 1980s, providing us glimpses of the twisted mind of a psychopath hiding in plain sight.

Analysis, Meaning, and Explanation

Many people question about the meaning of the story. American Psycho spends a lot of time making fun of the 80s. From the odd food combinations to the hilarious fads, the film covers it all. The time period is a central theme, covered broadly as Patrick Bateman refers to popular music and even strolls the hallway wearing a Walkman. The drug of choice during the 80s was cocaine. In American Psycho, Patrick Bateman’s lover is constantly on drugs. There is a club scene where there is a long bathroom line of people waiting to do drugs in the stalls.

In addition to the satirical portrayal of the 80s culture, American Psycho delves into the depths of consumerism and the quest for personal identity. Patrick Bateman’s obsession with maintaining a perfect appearance, from flashy business cards to designer suits, reveals an emptiness lurking beneath the surface of his affluent success. Humor is cleverly intertwined with the dark themes of the movie, allowing the audience to engage in critical analysis while also being entertained by the satirical elements. Ultimately, American Psycho raises important questions about the incessant pursuit of superficial popularity, the influence of social pressures, and the true nature of a person’s character.

Another major theme of American Psycho is how much people act alike. The people at Pierce & Pierce cannot tell each other apart, as referenced many times. Which brings me to the ending.

The Ending of American Psycho

In the end of the movie, Patrick Bateman confessed to his lawyer all the things he has done. He admits that he killed Paul Allen. His lawyer refuses to believe him because he said he had dinner with Paul ten days ago. This is ironic. When Bateman becomes fully aware of his situation, the world he lives in will not allow him to concede.

In a comically twisted turn of events, Bateman’s desperation to reveal his true nature and the atrocities he has committed falls on deaf ears. His own lawyer, a supposed reliable outlet for his confession, brushes it off as a mere jest. This blatantly disregards Bateman’s eagerness to confront reality and only strengthens the bizarre illusion he has been living in. It leaves viewers perplexed, chuckling at the absurdity of this conclusion where Bateman, the cold-blooded killer, can’t seem to win even when he wants to lose.

Popular Quotes From American Psycho

There are many memorable quotes. Here are just a few.

There is a fucking milligram of sweetener. I want to get high of this, not sprinkle it on my fucking oatmeal.

Not a menorah. You spin a dreidel.

Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a watermark.

I have to return some videotapes.

Memorable Scenes

 face routine

Near the beginning of the film, Bateman is seen peeling off a cleansing face mask. Yes, this shows his obsession with hygiene and his perfect appearance. But it also serves as a metaphor, showing how he has two faces. It could also be interpreted as foreshadowing, since it hints of him having two sides or personalities, helping interpret the movie and its underlining tones. During this scene, there is narration from the character’s inner dialog that helps set the tone, and helps the viewer understand what kind of person that he is.

American Psycho deleted scene

Another memorable scene is one that was deleted to get a lower rating so that it would be put in movie theaters. The scene involves Bateman hiring two prostitutes and takes them on in his bedroom while recording the session. Although this scene was removed from the theatrical version, it’s commonly included on any home media such as DVD. In this scene, the character famously points at himself in a mirror while he’s in the middle of the act. This shows egotism and helps emphasize how everything he does and thinks is solely for his own self purpose. It also shows that he is obsessed with is body image.

Christmas Party

The Christmas scene is another part of the movie that stands out. For some reason, his girlfriend, played by Reese Witherspoon, is holding a pig. She explains how pigs make good pets. The entire scenario wreaks of irony, and the happy atmosphere brushes Bateman the wrong way. His girlfriend even points it out. His character is all about being no-nonsense and having everything perfect. The party goes against everything he believes in.

 Chainsaw Scene

The chainsaw scene, where the main character drops a chainsaw down the center of a flight of stairs, is one of many dark humor parts of the movie. Although it shouldn’t be funny, seeing him trying to land a chainsaw straight down and impale his victim is too much not to chuckle at. Before he drops the chainsaw, he was chasing his victim down a hallway naked while yelling. This also adds humor and paints a ridiculous scenario where nobody hears or sees the crime happening. It’s quite memorable.

American Psycho Business card

One of the best parts of the movie is when the main character and his work colleagues are comparing their business cards with one another. Humor comes to light when the viewer sees that everyone’s business card look virtually the same, yet there is still strong feelings and high tension between whose business card is the best. The dialog about colors like “bone” and “Silian Rail” as the font is hard not to laugh at. This scene helps show how these high executives have nothing better to do than try to one-up each other with trivial things like this. Bateman gets jealous in this scene, deciding to kill those with cards better than his own.

American Psycho Axe Scene

An unexpected yet memorable scene involves Bateman strutting and dancing moments before killing his victim. From what I understand, this was an improvised act, yet it is by far one of the most memorable and hilarious parts of the whole movie.

This movie is a cult classic, one of the best. Every time I watch it, I see something I’ve missed. So be sure to see it often. (affiliate link)