Phenomena movie

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Have you ever heard of the movie Phenomena from 1985? Also known by the title Creepers, this Italian horror movie directed by Dario Argento star Jennifer Connelly. This movie is among the best of Dario Argento’s horror films. The movie, also known as Creepers, inspired the Japanese game Clock Tower from 1995. It is evident, especially because there are character resemblances so uncanny that it is apparent images were lifted directly from the movie for use in the game.

The movie stars a young Jennifer Connelly, who has psychic abilities. She goes to a new boarding school (or something) and meets a bug expert played by Donald Pleasence, or as I like to say, “that doctor guy from Halloween“. Jennifer discovers that she has the ability to communicate with insects. The synopsis of this horror movie becomes precedent, knowing that there is a killer of young girls loose in the town the boarding house resides. Using the help of insects, Jennifer investigates to track down the killer.

phenomena jennifer connelly

With this incredible insect-whisperer power in hand, Jennifer embarks on a buzz-worthy adventure to solve the mystery of the serial killer. Along the way, she encounters creepy crawlies of various shapes and sizes, coordinating her investigative efforts with the help of her newfound six-legged friends. Meanwhile, our dear friend “that doctor guy from Halloween” lends his expertise in entomology and acts as a guiding light for Jennifer’s unusual gift. The movie’s blend of horror, mystery, and insect-fueled antics make for an eerily entertaining ride as you find yourself rooting for Jennifer and her insect army to finally unveil the identity of the brutal killer.

Despite being quite young in the movie Phenomena, Jennifer Connelly’s undeniable beauty and allure are already apparent, making her the perfect partner for, well, insects. Though it might seem odd to pair a dazzling star with a swarm of creepy crawlers, her commanding presence and charm somehow make even her interactions with the bugs captivating. It’s no wonder that with a face like that, Jennifer can make friends in both human and insect realms, let alone dominate the silver screen like a queen bee. In a twist of irony, Jennifer’s youthful allure adds an unexpectedly seductive flavor to an otherwise spine-chilling horror film, making Phenomena a tantalizing experience for audiences of all species.

phenomena clock tower

If you are a fan of horror movies, you should know that this movie is worth watching. Most of the film is slow. However, the ending scenes are so outrageous and exciting that you quickly forgive how these scenes came suddenly out of left field. I wish I could say more without giving anything away. Some scenes are so brilliant and frightening that it is no wonder why Dario Argento has such a grand reputation for horror films. You can find the special edition of this film (affiliate link) on Amazon, which has many special features, including cast interviews. If you love horror movies, give it a try.

Connection To ClockTower

Clocktower and Connelly

Phenomena is certainly a movie of its own, but it also has an intricate link with a famous video game known as Clocktower. The game was released in 1995, ten years after the release of the movie, and yet there are many similarities between them that cannot be overlooked.

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way. Some of the characters in the movie look a bit too closely to ones in the Super Famicom game Clocktower. Even the protagonist in both mediums is named “Jennifer”. It’s not hard to see the influence here.

At first glance, it appears that both the movie and the game have the same storyline. Both tell a story about a young girl facing danger who is forced to employ her intelligence and peculiar powers to stay alive. In the film, Jennifer relies on her bond with insects to guide her way to the killer, whereas in the video game, the central character named Jennifer Simpson has knowledge of secrets and hidden locations in the mansion from which she must rescue herself from Scissorman’s clutches.

The insects become another link due to the horror they induce. Insects are used in both movies and games to create a creepy and uncanny feeling. Phenomena connects insects with the killings of victims; Clocktower provides insects contributing to the threatening atmosphere that can be felt in isolation and a sense of fear while gaming.

Both show that the use of sound effects and music can help to build up an atmosphere of suspense and horror. For instance, in Phenomena, heavy metal music applied to action scenes adds an eerie note not found in other genres. The soundtrack of the game also contributes to heightened tension and fear that players experience.