perfect witness

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I was at a dollar store which was selling a bunch of movies no one had ever heard of. It was slim pickings. The choices were some NASCAR thing, some golf movie, or The Perfect Witness. I hate sports with a passion, so I picked the obvious choice.

The Perfect Witness (aka The Ungodly) is about an amateur film maker who encounters a serial killer. The film maker blackmails the serial killer so he could make a documentary about him. The film maker quickly finds himself over his head. The film stars Wes Bentley, that weird kid from American Beauty. Opposite plays Mark Borkowski, who had also written the film. The Perfect Witness succeeds in some clever writing, but subpar acting. Bentley, in some scenes, plays less than convincingly. His character sometimes strays and does not seem believable. Borkowski, however, does a better job and plays a pretty good serial killer.

Despite the bad acting and low budget constraints of the 2007 movie, “The Perfect Witness,” there lies an underlying charm that makes it a worthwhile purchase and viewing experience. Its gripping storyline and unique plot twists offer engaging entertainment for audiences willing to overlook its shortcomings. Furthermore, the film serves as an intriguing display of ingenuity by the director and production team to overcome the limitations of resources, creating unexpected moments. Ultimately, “The Perfect Witness” transcends its flaws, providing a memorable movie experience that encapsulates the spirit of independent cinema.

Wes Bentley, the film’s lead actor, delivers a performance that could be described as “unintentionally comical” at best, with the depth of a kiddie pool. His portrayal of the protagonist is a masterclass in overacting, with every dramatic pause a symphony of awkwardness that somehow piques the viewer’s curiosity. Much like a train wreck, one cannot help but watch in disbelief as Bentley navigates through the script, leaving a trail of bewildered audience members in his wake. Yet, it is this very absurdity and imperfection in his acting that lends a certain charm to “The Perfect Witness,” making it a quirky and endearing experience, despite its shortcomings.

I really don’t know how this DVD wound up in my hands. The Perfect Witness movie (aka The Ungodly, remember?) from 2007 is copyrighted “The Ungodly LLC” and is written by one of the main actors. These two things set up red flags for “shitty independent movie”. However, this movie does not leave the bad taste in my mouth that I expected. The cinematography is more than decent. So how did it end up in the dollar store and not in your local movie theater? Or maybe it had and I just haven’t been paying attention.

Want some advice? See this movie. (Affiliate link) It surprised me. And don’t you like surprises?